Ability Scores


Hit Probability – these modifiers apply to melee combat only.
Damage Adjustment – this modifier applies in full to melee combat, at 3/4 (round normal) to heavy thrown weapons (> 1 lb), at 1/4 to small thrown weapons and to specially constructed bows (not crossbows) and at 1/5 to darts and knives.
Exceptional Strength Racial Maximums:

18/ 51-75 Gnome
18/ 76-90 Elf
18/ 91-99 Half Elf
18/ 00 Human, Dwarf, Half Orc & Aasimar

Use optional rule for additional non-weapon proficiencies.
The maximum number of spells/lvl is not used.
Additional Magician Spells:
INT Spells
16 1st
17 (2)-1st
18 (2)-1st 2nd
19 (2)-1st 2nd 3rd
20 (2)-1st 2nd 3rd 4th

Surprise Penalty – a low intelligence increases the chance of being surprised.
INT Penalty
3 -5
4 -4
5 -3
6 -2
7 -1

Reintroduced from Unearthed Arcana.
Racial Modifiers:
Dwarves, Gnomes, Githzeri -1
Halflings, Humans 0
Half-elves, Tiefling +1
Elves, Aasimar +2

Comeliness may be selected as by the player, but should be within 4 points of their charisma score (before racial modifiers).

Ability Scores

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